Wednesday, April 30, 2014

a french interlude

I just got back from a trip to southern France with my family. While we were there, we spent a lot of time absorbing the rich food culture of that region (which basically meant eating, drinking wine and pastis, shopping at markets, and taking lots of photos of farms). I'm sure some of my experiences and photos will appear in future posts.

One little town that caught my attention on the very first day had a big statue of a crate of vegetables (and a few fruits) in its center. Lost in a fog of jet lag, I didn't stop to photograph it, and later on no one in my family could remember where it was.

So, being the family that we are, we spent the next two weeks driving the back roads home, hoping to stumble on it again. And finally, just a few days before the end of our trip, we did! In a little town called Senas, right next to its market (which was in progress) we found and documented the vegetable statue.

And since I thought it was amazing to be in a place where produce was so celebrated it could be elevated to the level of art in the town square (much like Portland, in fact!) I took a little video to show you.

So here it is! Viva la France!

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