Tuesday, April 29, 2014

greenhouse magic

My blog has been quiet lately, because I've been out of town, traveling with my family. But even while I've been on vacation, the farm has been hard at work. Thanks for our wonderful greenhouse with its automatic watering system and brand-new radiant heat tables, my warm weather crops are looking gorgeous!

Right before I left, I spent a few days seeding winter squash, cucumbers, and tomatillos, and transpotting the peppers and tomatoes so they'd have more growing space. Obviously everyone was happy with the new situation!

Newly transpotted tomatoes on April 10
The same tomatoes on April 27
Corcel poblano peppers on April 10
Corcel poblano peppers on April 27
Eating last year's butternut squash while seeding this year's
Two weeks later: winter squash explosion!

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