Wednesday, May 28, 2014

this week in numbers (with photos)

# of hot peppers planted: 340

pepper plants about to be planted
# of cucumber plants reseeded due to irrigation failure: about 100
# of drip lines pulled, patched, or otherwise attended to: 45
# of cucumber beetles squashed: more than a few
nasty cucumber beetles: they eat a lot more than just cucumbers

# of melons planted just for fun: 38
experimental melons, interplanted with sunflowers: maybe there will be enough to share!

# of sunny weekend picnics: 1
# of downpours: 3
# of times Ranger Jane got stuck in the mud: 2
# of times she got herself out: 2
Ranger Jane (not stuck in the mud)

# of honey bees dropping by to say hello: countless

# of beds now planted: 32
# of beds still left to plant this year: just 3!

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  1. amazing to see what goes in to growing and bringing our food .. beautiful!