Tuesday, May 6, 2014

tool envy

I have to admit it. I have tool envy.

Last week, while I was painstakingly chunking soil with a grub hoe to make furrows for my potato planting, Rick, a fellow farmer at Headwaters, stopped by and showed me the Valley Oak Tool Company wheel hoe. My arms were aching after furrowing only two beds, and I had four more to go. I was skeptical that such a tiny, lightweight tool could do the job, but I was game to try it.

A grub hoe. A simple but effective tool.
The Valley Oak wheel hoe. Look at its satisfied lean. It knows it's good!
I was shocked to find that the wheel hoe made just as deep of a furrow as the grub hoe, and it took almost half the time. Plus, my arms didn't feel like I was slinging rocks the whole time! In addition to the furrower, the wheel hoe has several weeding attachments that are really easy to switch out. According to their website, there are also cultivators and even a hiller, which I might just have to acquire sometime. And to top it all off, it's made in the USA!

It's ridiculous for me to covet this tool so much, because I have free access to use it whenever I'm at the farm. One day I'm sure I will buy one of my own. But in the meantime, I feel lucky to be farming in a place with such high quality tools.

I can't wait to try it for weeding!

A beautiful furrow.

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