Wednesday, September 24, 2014

lucky harvest

I just spent the last two days hauling in over 1700 lbs of potatoes from the fields! Not bad for having only planted 150 lbs back in May.

I'm too tired and sore to write much (even my fingers hurt!) but here are some pictures to help you share the bounty.

Yes, let's! Potatoes and dry beans rest safely in the barn.
looking across four beds of freshly dug potatoes
Purple Viking: my vote for the Most Stunning Potato Award
Potatoes and tomatoes under glowering skies. Last night's rain really slowed things down to a slog this morning.
Full Cellar Farm indeed. My allotted cooler space is used up!
This shamrock appeared on my last bucket of potatoes and reminded me that I'd certainly had a lucky harvest.


  1. Emily!! wow!! and now take good care of your body.. that was Quite a haul! :D