Wednesday, October 15, 2014

mid-october roundup

The past several weeks have been a flurry of activity: harvesting winter squash, shelling dry beans, pulling drip lines and trellises out of the field, seeding cover crop,  and transplanting--yes, transplanting--some winter-hardy greens like spinach, kale, lettuce, and chicories that will hopefully flourish sometime in the next 4 to 6 months. (The latter was a late-season, previously unplanned experiment. Prior to mid-August, I would have told you that one of the goals for my farm was never to have to slog around out there in the middle of winter. Then, kind of inexplicably, I freaked out and bought a bunch of seeds.)

Anyhoo, much of the hard work is now done for the year. It's been so wonderful these past few rainy days to get caught up on food preservation and office work in my pajamas. I also finally had time to sift through all the pictures I've been taking in anticipation of a bunch of blog posts I never had time to write! So here, instead, is a photo recap of the past few weeks.

Bean Dance
leftover bean plant material, about to be put back into the field

Winter Squash Harvest
Candystick delicata
from front to back: Hidatsa hubbard, Oregon Homestead sweet meat, Blue Kuri
beautiful variations in the Trampas hubbards
butternuts float butt-up in their bath
Trampas hubbards, then butternuts all the way to the horizon...
 Cover Cropping

my winter cover crop mix: winter rye and common vetch
the belly grinder: a simple seed broadcasting tool
the bean fields, freshly cover cropped and tilled
end of another day

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  1. Wow! amazing as always. Really like the bean dance pics too!