Tuesday, March 31, 2015

check, check, check!

I got beets, cilantro, dill, and more scallions seeded just before last night's rain.

Other pre-rain things I accomplished yesterday: weeding the onion bed and spreading gypsum over most of my farm. Gypsum is an organic amendment that adds calcium and sulfur to the soil and also helps improve soil structure and drainage. It's also used to make plaster of Paris, and when I was finished spreading it, I almost looked like a plaster cast myself.

While I was doing all that, Rowan tilled my next round of beds, getting them ready for potatoes, lettuce, spinach and more. It's interesting to see the difference between beds tilled once and twice. Here are the beds he tilled several weeks ago, which got a second tilling yesterday just before the seeding:
And here's the next set, which was tilled yesterday for the first time:
Leaving some time for the cover crop to break down and then doing a second till really does make a difference!

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