Saturday, March 28, 2015

of clouds and carrot seeds

This recent rain, though welcome in many ways, put a hiccup in my plans to seed carrots. (See this post for a view of my intended carrot bed.) After a couple of warm, sunny days, I had a brief chance before the rain returned to make it happen. So yesterday after work, I ran over to the farm for a quick introductory session with my new precision seeder.
The Jang seeder is a fantastic piece of engineering for the small-scale farmer.
The ground was hard and weedy, and I had to work in my fertilizer, but luckily the soil had dried out enough to use the farm's walk-behind tractor (otherwise known as a rototiller). A laborious rake job was done in minutes, leaving a fluffy seed bed for my carrots.
Not long afterwards, the rain started again. But this time I didn't care!

Here are a few more photos of the farm, just because:
The bees are back! My neighbor moved his hives back to the farm this week.
onions sets sprouting
"Still Life with Slug and Scallions"
dark skies over Headwaters Farm

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