Saturday, April 11, 2015

death! destruction! disking!

Rowan took advantage of the brief sunny weather we had in the past few days and got a bunch of my farm disked up. It was frankly a bit too wet for ideal soil-working conditions, but this time of year you have to grab opportunities when you get them.
farm panorama showing planted beds, disked area, and standing cover crop on the far right
The disc isn't as bad for wet soil as a tiller would be, because it just chops things up into chunks rather than pulverizing the soil with spinning blades. It leaves behind something that looks like a wasteland, but it opens the soil up to air, which should help speed up drying and breakdown of the cover crop.

last year's pepper plants still standing
the implement can be unfolded to disc a wide swath of land all at once
the mighty Cat!

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