Wednesday, April 22, 2015

happy earth day!

I celebrated Earth Day, as I celebrate most days, with my hands in the dirt! Today's sunny weather caught me by surprise; I'd been expecting the return of the rain today. But I was glad to hop into action. After several great days spent with my good friend Meredith, who was visiting from Massachusetts, I suddenly had one more day to work before the rain starts. I seeded a second sowing of cilantro and dill, and transplanted some very patient kale and chard, as well as some Italian flat leaf parsley.

happy little chard plants
This week has really started to feel like the planting season is revving up. After putting in a bed or two here and there for the past month, I suddenly have an insatiable need for new bed space. The break in the wet weather (and accompanying warm temperatures!) helped dry out the soil and I got a bunch of beds prepped. In the past week or so, the farm went from 5 planted beds to 9 and then to 18! I even had to set up some irrigation this week.

This is a picture of me that Meredith took, which I'm only using because I was so busy I forgot to take a picture of Meredith.
future food
My friend Meredith and husband Jake gamely helped plant four beds of potatoes, fertilize and irrigate some others, and generally get things done, between trips to Mt Hood, the Gorge, and several local restaurants. I am lucky to have such awesome helpers!

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