Sunday, May 31, 2015

CSA share offerings: week one!

Welcome to week 1 of your CSA! Here's what you can choose for your CSA share this week: radishes, salad turnips, scallions, garlic scapes, spinach, dry beans, and dried serrano peppers.

Turnips and radishes are beautiful right now and add a nice crunch to whatever you're making! I love this radish variety, Easter Egg, because it produces a rainbow of colors: pink, red, purple, and white. The turnips, a Japanese variety called Hakurei, are best raw or lightly sauteed. Both radishes and turnips still have their greens attached, and I think of them as a bonus item. Whether you eat them with their roots or as a separate dish, radish and turnip greens are nutritious and delicious! If you're looking for something beyond salad, here's a recipe that you could use for either radishes or turnips:

Garlic scapes, for those of you who haven't met them, are a fleeting seasonal treat. Some varieties of garlic send up a flowering stalk, which I pick off for two reasons: it encourages the plant to put all of its energy into making the bulb, and it tastes amazing! It has almost as much flavor as the garlic bulb, plus it's easy to chop and has a fun shape too. Use it in place of garlic in any recipe, or try one of these ideas:

Dry beans and dried serranos are two storage crops I held over from last year. Together, they'd make a fine chili (among other things). Here's a great web page on cooking dry beans: (One other hint I read recently is to cool the beans completely in their own liquid, rather than draining them while they're still hot. That helps keep their skins from splitting.)

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