Sunday, June 7, 2015

CSA offerings: week 2

Wow, how about this heat?! Despite the fact that it feels like the height of summer out there, it's still officially spring, and spring is what's on this week's CSA list! (Luckily, these choices also work for a hot summer night. Salad for dinner, anyone?) Here are a few highlights:

Lettuce heads include a green romaine called Winter Density and a pretty speckled leaf lettuce called Jester. Despite its name, Winter Density is a compact green romaine well suited to either warm or cold growing conditions. Jester comes from local seed breeder Wild Garden Seed. They've made a name for themselves creating a myriad of different varieties, with an emphasis on greens and herbs. I love browsing their website and imagining all the fun new types of greens I can grow! One of my friends once told me her secret to a fantastic salad: just add a fruit, a nut, and a cheese. It works every time! Some of my favorite combinations include dried cranberries, walnuts, and feta, or sliced apples, pecans, and blue cheese. It's fun to experiment!

I didn't used to like cilantro, but after a trip to San Antonio, where it was much easier to avoid eating meat than to avoid cilantro (I was a vegetarian at the time), I got over my distaste and became hooked. What a great summery herb! I like to chop it coarsely and add it to lots of things, from sesame noodles to burritos to slaw. Keeping it raw helps retain its flavor. Or, since we're on a bit of a salad kick, try this cilantro lime dressing to add pizazz to your greens.

Spring onions are onions harvested young and fresh. The green tops are edible too; just treat them like scallions. The onions in your share may be either red or yellow. If you want to feature them, I like the looks of this recipe for Spring Onion Soup. I imagine adding some turnip tops towards the end of the cooking time, before pureeing, would also be delicious!

Snap peas. Well, what else needs to be said? In my opinion, the best thing to do with them is eat them out of the bag, preferably on the way home from pickup so you don't have to share them with the rest of your household!

The radishes are the same Easter Egg variety as last week, but the slugs have been loving the tops, so they'll be coming to you without the greens this time. They're getting bigger and more spicy, so if you like them hot, these are the radishes for you! For less heat, just cook them briefly. Sliced and sauteed with garlic scapes, they'll make a great pizza topping.

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