Thursday, July 16, 2015

painting the farm white

I transplanted a late-season succession of cucumbers and summer squash yesterday, then sprayed the baby plants with liquid clay. Why? Cucumber beetles are sight-hunters, and they can't recognize a good meal when they see it if it's painted white! Even though the clay will come off in a few days or weeks (and any new growth will shine out in pure green) it should give the tiny transplants a few days to get acclimated and strengthen their immune systems before the onslaught.
The spotlight's on the baby squash...but not if you're a beetle!
One of the things I love about organic agriculture is the variety and creativity of its methods. In conventional agriculture, the solution to most problems is the same: use chemicals. With organics, while there are some naturally-derived chemicals at our disposal, we also have to use lots of ingenuity to achieve the goal of producing food for people without using synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. So much fun!!
There's a cucumber in there somewhere...

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