Sunday, September 13, 2015

CSA offerings: week 16

Once again, rain is in the forecast. This time, though, I'm resting easy because the potatoes and dry beans are all safely in the barn! Heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who came out to the Potato Dig and Boil yesterday. We got an amazing amount of work done in a short period of time, and finished it off with food and games. I had a lot of fun meeting some of you for the first time and catching up with old friends. I also just loved walking by and seeing people talking and working together. I'll be posting more pictures on the blog soon!
Whether you came to the work party and still have an appetite for more, or you missed out and still want to come visit the farm, you'll have one more chance this year! Watch your email for an announcement soon about the 2nd Annual Bean Dance and Harvest Potluck, which will be happening sometime in October!

And now, on to your CSA share. With the coming fall weather on my mind, I'm pulling a switcheroo on you. Summer squash is off the list, most likely for good, and cucumbers are waning (as is demonstrated by their increasingly smaller size). But in their place is the exciting daikon radish that feels wonderfully autumnal. Pickling is one of the most well-known ways to eat daikon (at least to me) and it pairs really well with carrots for a crunchy sandwich topping or other accompaniment. Here's a simple recipe in that vein. Other uses for daikon include stir-fries, salads, and stews. Just do an internet search for "daikon recipes" and you'll get the idea!
beautiful daikon!
One summer vegetable that feels slightly fall-ish to me is peppers. That's because they usually ripen late in our climate and then keep producing until a frost. And right now, we're overflowing with them! When I feel like I've gotten my fill, I always make sure to put some up for the winter. They're one of the easiest vegetables to freeze; they don't even require any cooking! Just cut them up or leave them whole, and throw them into freezer bags. Or, when I have a little more time, I like to roast some of the bigger ones (either sweet or hot) whole. Just set them on a cookie sheet under the broiler, and turn them often until they're charred all over. Put them in a paper bag and close it up for about 15 minutes, then pull the skins off and freeze the peppers. They'll make a warm addition to your soups, scrambles, enchiladas, and chilis throughout the rainy season.

Dill is back in the herb rotation, and onions, against all odds, make one last appearance. Kale, on the other hand, will hopefully be with us for the rest of the CSA. I'm really happy about these big and tender kale leaves. I've been eating them twice a day this week...I think I must have been missing my greens! Also in the greens category, our lettuce hiatus is over. This week I'll be giving out the stunning dark red oakleaf, Mascara.
Can you find the critter hiding in the dry beans?
How about now?

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