Sunday, October 25, 2015

CSA offerings: the end is here!

Oregon Homestead sweet meat winter squash, Dragon's Tongue mustard greens, baby leeks, Purple Viking potatoes, watermelon radishes, carrots, beets, and chard!
Hard to believe that our 22-week season is nearing its close, but it's true. And the rainy season still hasn't even started in earnest! (Though by the time I deliver these offerings, it might have.)

For winter squash this week, I'm offering the wonderful Oregon Homestead Sweet Meat. Bred in Corvallis by the inimitable Carol Deppe, this large (10-15 lbs!) squash is a beautiful grey-blue color with sweet, squashy-flavored flesh. It has a bit more moisture than the other squashes I've offered so far, so it would be great for soups and curries. And of course, like most squashes, it can also be baked into a very nice pie. Since these are so big, each share will get a half of a squash.Another new offering this week is the watermelon radish. This radish got its name not because it tastes like watermelon but because it looks like one: its creamy white skin has a flush of green on it, and when you cut it open, its center is bright pink. It stores well in the refrigerator and makes a very striking addition to a raw vegetable platter. It's also typically milder in flavor than other radishes, though it still has some bite.

The fall crop of chard is finally lush and ready for picking, and the leeks that have been inching along since I planted them in March (struggling a bit in their carpet of white clover) will make nice bunches of baby leeks for this last share.

And finally, some oldies-but-goodies: a new crop of red beets should have nice beet greens for eating as well as the roots. Delicious Purple Viking potatoes return for one last go-round. And cilantro and dill are tender and fragrant!

In closing, here's a photo of my box-packing station last week, for anyone who might be interested in how the choose-your-own-share packing process works. Have a good winter, everyone!

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