Sunday, October 11, 2015

CSA offerings: week 20

It's the time of glut, when summer meets fall and so many things are ripe and ready for harvest. You might have a hard time choosing from the many things the farm has to offer this week, but rest assured, there is no wrong choice!

My favorite item this week is a buttercup winter squash (as opposed to butternut squash, which is a very different type of squash). Its name is a mouthful (Uncle David's Dakota Dessert Squash!) but it's a delicious mouthful! People often ask me if I grow pie pumpkins, and I have to tell them no. This squash is my reason why. It's much sweeter and drier than a pumpkin, so you can greatly reduce the amount of sweetener in your pie (I often cut it in half) and you can even use regular milk rather than that weird evaporated stuff that comes in a can. Try one this week, and you won't look for pie pumpkins anymore! (For instructions on how to make "pumpkin" puree with a raw squash, look here. Except skip the drying step at the end because you're not using a watery pumpkin!!)

the perfect pie squash
OK, now on to other things! I have some monster green cabbages in the field, crunchy and sweet. They're too big for a single share (they might not even fit in the box!) so I'll be cutting them in half when I give them out. Daikon radish is back on the menu, so grab those along with the cabbage and some hot peppers, and you could try your hand at some homemade kimchi. Here's one recipe.

This week my neighbor Brian disked some of my beds for me and I managed to spread cover crop seed just as the rain was starting on Wednesday morning. I made a mix of 6 different species for my winter cover crop this year, from warm weather superstar buckwheat to cold-hardy Austrian winter peas. I also tossed in some phacelia ("bee's friend") seed that I saved last year from my own field. With the recent moisture and continued mild temperatures, I'm excited to see how quickly everything sprouts!

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