Wednesday, April 13, 2016

catch as catch can

Jake came by recently to check in again on his experimental bio-friendly rodent trap. Much to our surprise, he had two mice nesting in the bucket! He quickly put a lid on the bucket, trapping them inside. On the way to a certain municipal park along Johnson Creek, where we intended to free them in a more innocuous environment, we stopped off at a grocery store for a couple of items. When we returned to the car, one of the mice had made a getaway inside the car!
Catch, with peanut butter on its nose
We brought the other mouse, which Jake named" Catch," to the park and set it free. Then he set a live trap of a more conventional kind in the car overnight and caught the second mouse, who shortly went to join its friend at the park. Jake called the second mouse "Catch-Catch," though the editor in me wants to change it to "Recatch."
Jake sets Catch free
Catch decides it's safer up a tree
 Score two for Jake! And since they are hopefully happily resettled in the park, score two for the Catches too!

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