Full Cellar Farm

weekly boxes of fresh, seasonal produce from real live local farmers

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We are a small, sustainable farm located on the upper reaches of Johnson Creek, outside of Boring, Oregon. We work hard to bring you fresh, healthy produce from June through March, and to help “fill your cellar” for the remaining months.

Why Full Cellar?


Even though I live less than a block from a produce stand, it's easy to get into a routine where I'm not eating enough veggies or I'm eating the same veggies over and over. Being a part of Full Cellar Farm makes it easier to have a healthier and more varied diet, and I love being able to have options to choose from each week.

Heidi G.

We have absolutely loved being a part of the Full Cellar Farm CSA! Not only have we learned about and tried new vegetables and recipes, but our family has really been more aware of eating locally grown, whole, fresh foods. It's neat to be able to talk to our 3-year-old about our veggies, and who grows them, and why it's better to get them from Farmer Emily than the grocery store.

Lindsay G.

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